Paige try a woman you to definitely Lincoln met during the arcade into the “L is for Love”

Haiku provided to continue blind date having Lincoln from the Sadie Hawkins dance party. Once they earliest found, Haiku recites to help you Lincoln from her unfortunate poem. Lincoln shared with her an improvised poem form of Jack and you may Jill and you may Haiku are some amazed. Lincoln exhibited Haiku a shade puppetry, but she shown their harder shadow puppetry. Haiku is disappointed within Lincoln, whenever she found he’s towards the times that have about three most other ladies. Although not, she don’t brain it for long once the she receive Clyde.

During the “From the Photo”, Haiku accessible to help Lincoln imagine becoming a member of the new Morticians Club to get their category pictures drawn. This means she however takes into account your since the the lady pal.

Polly Aches

Polly Soreness offered to continue blind go out with Lincoln during the the newest Sadie Hawkins dance team. Polly very first came up in order to Lincoln because of the strenuously knocking into your which have a beneficial roller derby circulate she phone calls Booty Cut off and you will claiming she nailed your. She and additionally made use of other proceed him called the Chopper, and this on it rotating anybody to really fast until they rating dizzy. Lincoln are the first individual she used it toward not to purge after are spun, and that satisfied her. She is actually later viewed exercising significantly more derby progresses your such putting him across the fitness center. Polly was distressed during the Lincoln, when she found he’s for the dates with around three most other lady. Although not, she did not mind it for very long because she found Rusty.


She saw him defeat Clyde at air hockey, and you will gave him a thumbs up, where, he was flattered by it, although he blushed in order to their (however, Lincoln are mostly pleased with the woman offering him the latest thumbs up).

Considering she delivered your a love letter, Lincoln made an effort to return the fresh like by the complimenting their moving movements for the Moving Battle, but she didn’t find your and you can unknowingly banged him out by the crash.

Afterwards, rather than awaiting the woman to come to your, the guy decided to go to the lady, and snuck a relationship page in her own back pack.


Lincoln found Becky into the Lori’s sophisticated group from inside the “Cluster Down”. She liked their group ways such as for example balancing and you will removing their lingerie without the need for his give. Whenever she asked your for much more campaigns, he told you “To you babushka, no problem”. Together it enjoyed a crazy class when Lori try in the long run herself.

Both Lincoln and you can Becky is fans away from “ARGGH!” and you can each other visited find “ARGGH!” if this prevented within the Regal Woods.

Both are including fans out-of Expert Experienced, from inside the “Price Me personally Out” Lincoln and you will Clyde ran towards the Becky and her family on conference.

Sid Chang

Sid and you can Lincoln do not work together much, however, Ronnie enjoys shared with her on your. They see face-to-deal with towards the very first time ever within the “New Nightmare-Scope”. When Ronnie Anne told Sid you to she is scared you to Lincoln get enter love together with her, Sid is astonished to listen to it. Sid observed Ronnie because the her side-woman throughout their meeting with Lincoln. Whenever Sid satisfy Lincoln really, she said to him one she will realise why Ronnie Anne wants are their buddy.

Within the “An Udder Disorder”, Lincoln and Sid played certain games in the Dairyland. With her nevertheless they freed Ronnie Anne away from Tippy’s outfit. Assuming Ronnie Anne asserted that she does not want to experience preferences facing her or him, the two apologized and you will informed me they can never ever think that Ronnie Anne is to experience preferred and made with a group kiss.

Regarding the comical, “Precipitation, Precipitation, Not going anywhere soon” (written in Livin’ La Casa Loud!), because the Lincoln is actually visiting, he, as well as Ronnie Anne and you can Sid, desired to spend the trip to the fresh new zoo, however they are unable to due to the wet climate external. Therefore, they spend the go out during the Bodega as their very own travels towards the zoo. They won’t notice the precipitation enjoys averted until Sid’s moms and dads, Bruno and you may Level come to listen her or him chuckling during the Bodega and you may interact to their enjoyable.