Can I have an official marriage In Turkey?

Absolutely! Your wedding will be official and legal but you should also check with your home country. To get married in Turkey is very easy, you will need to prepare a few documents and Kaden Weddings will arrange everything here so you don’t have to! The documents that you will need are explained here

What does it cost to get married in Turkey?

Turkey is a great place for your wedding and costs can be a lot cheaper than other countries, but everything depends on your wish list. There are so many optional  costs involved in a wedding: number of guests, catering, drinks, flowers, decorated chairs, arches, after parties – the list is endless!  We will work with you from the outset to understand your budget and give you the best value for money. However it is important to understand that changes along the way from the agreed plan can incur price increases.

Do we need lots of guests for a wedding in Turkey?

Certainly not! We have planned weddings for 2 people, up to 250 people.

Where do I start?

When considering a destination wedding, it is important to realise that our wedding planners need as much information from you in order to visualise what you would like them to plan. We suggest you begin with a mood board of pictures, so we can begin to put together suggestions for venue, menus, colours , flowers etc.

What is the difference between wedding planning & wedding designing?

We at Kaden Weddings will Plan and Coordinate your wedding according to your wishes, and will create a proposal for which means we will have regular meetings with you to keep you up to date, will help and work very hard to keep within the budget provided, visit and audit the venues and vendors to ensure that the big day will flow fluidly, perfectly. We keep the bride and groom up to date on the hotel reservations progress, should their party wish to book through us, On the big day we will be there to oversee everything, ensuring the florists are in at the required time, the decorators and carpentry team are having no issues, food is on time, the wedding officer is on time.
If you would like a wedding designed, this can also be done, but be prepared to make an upfront payment to have the wedding designed and presented to you, as designers do not work for free

Can you just arrange our paperwork and we do the rest?

We could, but it would cost the same amount as a wedding for 10 people.

Can you do just our decor, and we arrange catering ourselves?

This is something we would have to politely decline.

Can you arrange only catering (food & beverage) and we will do the rest ourselves?

This is something we would have to politely decline.

Do all my guests have to stay in the same resort as us?

It is advised to do so yes, but it is not mandatory.

What will happen if we book our wedding but another pandemic hits the world again?

The past two  years have been devastating for destination weddings, many have been cancelled and postponed. We hope now that the way forward is clear and we can plan ahead with confidence. However should there be any new developments: travel bans, border closures, pandemics, you will have the option to postpone your wedding to another date, along with all your guests. If  you decide straight away that you would like to cancel your wedding completely, you will receive 90% of your invoice back, to account for the the work that has gone into the wedding up until your cancellation date.  We do recommend you have specific wedding insurance.

Can I have a beach wedding?

Several hotels offer a pier or beach setting, and are usually held at sunset or evening, to allow for hotel guests to leave the beach so the area can be closed off for preparations. We can advise which hotels are best for this.

Can we stay in one hotel and have wedding in other?

We will have this answered shortly, Just trying to word it up properly. It depends on the  hotel you choose for your wedding. Some of our partner hotels allow guests from outside, for an additional surcharge (extra to the event cost), but some hotels not allow anybody from outside to enter hotel area. It also depends on current COVID regulations.

Is my price guaranteed not to change?

When you are happy with our proposal for your wedding we will ask for a deposit of 10% and our price guarantee will remain unless you make any changes to the original proposal. It is important that you are happy with everything in our proposal as changes can incur costs.

In your proposal you say that you will be making a website, what does that mean?

We will be making a landing page for you, with an extension on this page (ie kadenweddings.com/joeandkate/) which you can share with your guests. the information on this page will be things such as the date, the venue, the pictures of the venue and if you would like your guests to get a better deal by booking with us, they can! although there is no pressure, our rates will be the best you will find because of the agreements and relationships we have with the hotels.

Can we negotiate on the price?

If you would like to negotiate on the price, this would have to be done when we are making a proposal for you. If you would like to negotiate to bring the prices down, you will ultimately understand that by doing so you are running the risk of reducing the amount of decorations, technical elements, flowers etc. A good way of going forward is realising you are making an investment to your wedding and you are not buying a carpet from the bazaar.

How far ahead do I need to book my wedding? Can you arrange a wedding at short notice?

It depends on the venue and number of guests, but we suggest up to two years maximum, and for short notice, a wedding can be arranged within seven days, again depending on the venue and number of guests.

What happened if we can’t travel due to closed borders?

If there is a force majeure announced exactly for your wedding date (means that you can not travel to destination from your country due to reasons that not depends on you – like travel ban, closing all travel routes from your country to destination  all flights from your country to destination are cancelled) – we will offer you a refund or date changes. Terms & Conditions of every wedding are reflected in a Wedding Planner Agreement.

What exactly can you organize for us?

Our company is registered and licensed Tour Operator, based in Antalya.
TURSAB Licence number: A-11044
We can organize accommodation, private transfers, events, plane tickets, golf, activities and individual excursions – we can also create for you and your guests an ‘all inclusive’ package so you don’t have to worry about anything!

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